Occasions d’affaires

˽ktv croit au soutien de la collectivité et de ses entreprises. L’entreprise y parvient notamment en soutenant activement les objectifs de diversité des fournisseurs et les efforts de sensibilisation de notre client.

Engagement envers la collectivité

To this end, ˽ktv develops project-specific Supplier Diversity Participation Program’s that incorporate the following key elements:

  • Actively seek out diverse, small and local businesses that will bring additional value to the projects we build for our Clients
  • Foster the development of qualified suppliers that will provide construction services and materials
  • Increase business opportunities for interested diverse, small and local suppliers
  • Commit to having equal opportunity for participation

Construction projects generally provide many supply and contracting opportunities for diverse, small and local businesses. ˽ktv is committed to identifying and providing these opportunities. We believe that the basis of a sound Supplier Diversity program is to realistically identify real and practicable contracting opportunities within the supply and contracting services required for the project. We evaluate companies on different qualifications and requirements per project. This includes but isn’t limited to safety performance, proven quality, certification, on-time performance, years in business, reputation and value-added products or services.

It is ˽ktv’s intent to provide diverse, small and local business enterprises an equal opportunity to participate in the performance of a Client’s project. Our commitment to Supplier Diversity provides the structure to ensure that all available business enterprises have an equal opportunity to compete for and participate in the work on the project.